How to access Dynaweb

  • Freegate Software

    The most convenient access to Dynaweb is through Freegate, our popular anti-censorship software client. Freegate is a free anti-censorship software for secure and fast Internet access. It is a Windows application that runs on most Windows platforms from Windows 98 to Vista, as well as on Linux and MAC through Wine. Download Freegate here.

  • Email

    Send an blank email to, you will receive several latest Dynaweb IPs within a few minutes. Our reply would likely be classified as junk mail, so please also check your junk mail folder for our response

  • Domain Names

    Click one of the above links. You may see a security warning about certificate, please accept our certificate and you will be able to access Dynaweb home page.

  • Technical Support

    Please email us at for technical support. Please provide detailed information on your operating system, network environment, feedback information, and screen shot(s) if possible.